The Bar Code Turns 41!

Celebrating 41 years of revolutionizing the supply chain

Friday, June 26, 1974 was a day that would forever change the way data collection is done. While the barcode had been in developmental stages for years before, it was not until this fated day that a supermarket in Troy, Ohio sold a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum using an official UPC code and barcode scanner.

Prior to the barcode, there was no universal system for assigning products, and each company had their own way of doing things, leading to an error rate of about 1/300 characters, as opposed to 1/36,000,000,000,000 with barcode scanners. This June 26th marked the 41st anniversary of this revolutionary technology and gives us a chance to reflect on how much the barcode has done for the supply chain.

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