i to i logistics is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment and to this end we employ electric forklifts and order-picking equipment. We favour freight carriers such as Purolator and FedEx that have a commitment to the use of Hybrid and Electric delivery vehicles and, by housing many companies products under one roof, we reduce the need for many small, inefficient warehouse facilities and associated equipment to be in use. Our lighting is modern and efficient and is motion-sensitive and we recycle all incoming plastic and paper packaging as well as electronic equipment. We are also proud to have applied to be a member of the Government of Canada’s Smartway Program. We ship our fulfillment orders using natural products and use recycled paper for packaging material and filler for out-going orders. We value power- and resource-saving ideas from our team-members and encourage all our supply chain partners to reduce their impact on our environment.

Michael Docherty

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