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i to i logistics’ newest facility opened for business in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in May of 2011 and is the second node in the network of small- to medium-sized Order Fulfillment facilities aimed at providing the highest levels of customer service and order visibility in the business. The goal is to ship the Perfect Order every time and to achieve that we partner with our customers in long-term, mutually beneficial arrangements with the goal of building both businesses, hand-in-hand.

Toronto is the natural next step in the development of the Logistics Network envisioned at the outset of our operations. The GTA boasts a population of 5.1 million, the largest conurbation in Canada, and is among the fastest growing, with 10% growth in the last seven years. Within an eight-hour trucking radius there are nine of the largest 15 cities in Canada which together total 12 million people – over a third of the entire Canadian Population.

The province of Ontario, in which Toronto is located, is the most populous Province in Canada and Quebec, the largely French-speaking Province immediately to the east and within a few hours’ drive, is the second-most populous. Together these two provinces contain around 62% of Canada’s people and businesses.

toronto-warehouseToronto is centrally located in the North American continent and is connected to the rest of the world through excellent road, rail (Canadian National and Canadian Pacific), air and ocean-going infrastructure. Toronto has a large container port, connected as it is to the Atlantic Ocean, through the St. Lawrence Seaway. Toronto is also the business capital of Canada with most major corporations and banks choosing it as their headquarters location.

It is easy to see, therefore, why Toronto is an ideal location from which to ship to consumers, retailers and wholesalers alike. Transit time to the majority of the two provinces’ population would normally be 1 to 2 days. This proximity, coupled with the immediate response time provided by our Fulfillment Centre, means that your customers will be served quickly and accurately every time they place an order. Our patented IBIS (Internet-Based Inventory System) customer-service platform and warehouse management system (WMS) use bar-code scanning to confirm accuracy and provide real-time Event-Tracking of all receiving and shipping activities 24/7. Our clients always know the exact status of their customers’ orders and can relate that information to their own customers without the need for telephone or e-mail communication. This is a real time-saver for everyone (while providing great confidence in service and inventory accuracy) and it means that you, our customer, have all the more time to focus on your core business and leave i to i logistics to handle all the back-room details in a close, mutually beneficial business partnership.

The entire i to i logistics team looks forward to serving you throughout North America, wherever you may be based in our Global Village.

Michael Docherty

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