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vancouver-warehouseVancouver – The Gateway to North American Markets

Vancouver, B.C. has become a major gateway for goods moving between North America and the Pacific Rim. In terms of foreign containers handled through West Coast ports, only Los Angeles now handles more, while Vancouver enjoys an annual growth rate of about 15 %. Over the next twenty years container volumes are forecast to increase by about 250 %, driven by the growth of trade between North America and Asia. The reasons for Vancouver’s attraction as a primary distribution hub are not hard to find. In addition to its ideal location on the Pacific Rim, Vancouver offers unparalleled infrastructure and services for handling containers expeditiously and cost-effectively.

Container Terminals

Vancouver’s two major ports, the Port of Vancouver and Fraser Port, are ports-of -call for major ocean carriers serving the container market on the Pacific Rim. In the Port of Vancouver, three world-class terminals handle the bulk of container movements, Centerm, Vanterm, and Deltaport, which opened in 1997. All three facilities continue to make significant investments in container handling technologies to keep pace with projected growth in container volumes. At Fraser Port, containers are handled through Fraser Surrey Docks with direct rail connections th the rest of North America.

Three Class A railways connect Vancouver to major markets:

  • Canadian Pacific Railways
  • Canadian National Railways
  • Burlington Northern and Santa Fe

CP Rail and CN Rail both offer direct double-stack container and inter-modal services to Eastern Canada and the US. BNSF provides rail access to markets in the Western US and California.

Serviced by a Network of Well-established Logistics Service Providers

Shippers who wish to use Vancouver, B.C. as their distribution center can take advantage of the wide array of logistics support services available to facilitate the distribution of goods to North American markets. Vancouver offers a network of well-established companies including ocean carriers, customs brokers, freight forwarders, marine insurance, logistics service companies and others to serve your needs

Overnight Delivery to All Major North American Markets

As the entry point for North America, Vancouver is served by major North American parcel services such as FedEx, DHL, Purolator, and UPS, all of which provide overnight service to all major North American markets. A parcel picked-up in Vancouver by 2:00 pm will be in Miami, Florida by 10:30 am the following day.

Bilateral Agreements Ease of Access to US Markets

Existing bilateral agreements between Canada and the US ensure ease of access of goods destined for export to the US.  i to i logistics, based in Delta, is only a thirty minute drive from the Canada-US border, and locally, the border has five major customs entry crossings.

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