Health Sector

i2i Healthcare Solutions

Many of our Health Sector clients need a third-party logistics services provider willing to offer more than just a basic service. When developing a new market or, as is often the case, re-focusing attention on core business activities, clients often need someone willing to take care of their Health Canada Compliance, Supply Chain and Order Fulfillment challenges. What is needed is a business partner, someone who will invest energy and resources in the opportunity while sharing the excitement of watching a business’ rapid growth. i2i Healthcare Solutions is such a partner. i2i Healthcare Solution supports customers that face difficult business challenges in need of a partner with Order Fulfillment expertise and Supply Chain solutions. We will commit resources, share our knowledge and expertise and invest in partnerships with customers to find innovative solutions to your supply chain challenges in the following areas:

  • Assistance in reaching competent, experienced consulting professionals in the Health Sector
  • Gaining licencing for products
  • Importer of Record status within Canada
  • Operational excellence
  • Order Fulfillment and Order Management
  • Order-to-Cash and invoicing
  • Technology (Systems Integration)
  • Recall Reporting on-line
  • Web-based order visibility and tracking
  • Distribution event monitoring
  • Infrastructure
  • Service offerings
  • Market development
  • SC development, management, and execution

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