Retail Distribution and Warehousing

We are ideally suited to Retail Support since our systems and processes operate at around 99.95% accuracy and so mistakes in shipping are very rare. We do not waste retailer’s time with shipping the wrong products or quantities. Moreover, we have a “Packed-by-Case” feature in our IBIS system that allows us to detail-pack an order in such a way that as it arrives at a retailer he can identify in which case a particular item is to be found. This saves a lot of time and bother and improves customer service.

Our Fulfillment Centers are located in the western part of the Greater Toronto area, in Mississauga, and in Delta, BC in the Greater Vancouver area. We serve all of Canada from these facilities. Our operations are driven by the latest technology including our own trade-marked IBIS warehouse management system (WMS) and radio-frequency, bar-code scanning, hand-held terminals. As well, our WMS software is linked via the Internet to our customers so that real-time visibility provides crucial event-driven information on receipts, orders and inventory. A wide range of reports provides valuable perspective on lead-times, fill rates and inventory turn-over while allowing you to manage-by-exception.

We would be delighted to know more about your business to assist you in the successful provision of order fulfillment activity throughout North America.

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