Transport & Freight Management

i to i logistics negotiates very significant discounts with our national and international couriers. We then pass these discounts back to our customers to provide as much of a cost advantage over their competitors as possible. For example:

Rack Rate for shipment: $100
Discount 40%, charge to i to i logistics: $60
Mark up to customer (20%) = charge of: $72
Effective discount off rack rates: 38%

We can assist you in making optimal routing decisions to ensure the overall best value and performance. We can advise on the best courier to use to certain geographical areas and within particular weight-ranges.

Transport and Freight Management:

  • Transport management
  • International, national, and local delivery service
  • Routing/mode optimization and scheduling
  • Shipper/receiver optimization, scheduling, and coordination
  • Carrier analysis, selection, and contract negotiation
  • Carrier optimization and coordination
  • Freight rate analysis, payment, and auditing

Please contact us for more information about our Transport and Freight Management Services.

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